20#What is the material of seamless pipe

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20# seamless steel pipe material is 20 steel, generally 20 seamless steel pipe   20# steel pipe material is: high-quality carbon structural steel

Grade: 20 steel

Standard: GB/T 699-1988

●20#Seamless steel pipe characteristics and scope of application:

The strength is slightly higher than that of No. 15 steel, hardly quenched, and no temper brittleness. Cold deformation has high plasticity and is generally used for bending, rolling, bending and hammer arching. The welding performance of arc welding and contact welding is good. The thickness is small during gas welding, and cracks are easy to occur on parts with strict requirements or complex shapes. Machinability cold drawn or normalized state is better than annealed state, generally used for manufacturing less stress and high toughness requirements.

●20# seamless steel pipe chemical composition:

Carbon C: 0.17~0.24" silicon Si: 0.17~0.37 manganese Mn: 0.35~0.65 sulfur S: ≤0.035 phosphorus P: ≤0.035 chromium Cr: ≤0.25 nickel Ni: ≤0.25 copper Cu: ≤0.25

●20#Seamless steel pipe mechanical properties:

Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥410(42) Yield strength σs (MPa): ≥245(25) Elongation δ5 (%): ≥25 Reduction of area ψ (%): ≥5, Hardness: no heat treatment ,≤156HB, sample size: sample size 25mm

●20# seamless steel pipe heat treatment specification and metallographic structure:

Heat treatment specification: normalizing, 910℃, air cooling. Metallographic structure: ferrite + pearlite.

●20# seamless steel pipe delivery status: delivery in the state without heat treatment or heat treatment (annealing, normalizing or high temperature tempering). If the delivery is required to be delivered under heat treatment, it should be specified in the contract, and if it is not specified, the delivery shall be delivered without heat treatment.