The war epidemic stabilizes the economy and the "steel demand" steel traders are looking forward to the early spring of the steel market!

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Entering March, the steel market has improved. The general manager of Shanghai Hualei Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Liang Taigeng, the chairman of Shanghai Wubo Steel Structure Materials Co., Ltd. Ren Qingping, and the general manager of Shanghai Ruikun Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Li Zhongshuang, etc. The steel market is optimistic and believes that the efforts of various regions to fight the epidemic and stabilize the economy will surely promote the stabilization of "steel demand", and the spring of the steel market may come. The market outlook is expected to stabilize

According to the information feedback from steel traders in sales and market research, the steel market started steadily at the beginning of March, and most of the steel prices stopped falling and stabilized, with steady increases. The price of construction steel such as rebar and wire rod in the first trading week of March in Shanghai area generally increased by 50 yuan/ton. Compared with the sharp drop in the first week of February, this decline and increase, forming a clear contrast, is enough to see The current steel market demand situation is gradually improving.

"China Metallurgical News" reporter learned in the interview that recently, some steel traders believe that now localities are stepping up efforts to fight the epidemic and stabilize the economy, downstream steel companies have resumed work and production, and major infrastructure projects have resumed construction and started concentratedly. Pull the "steel demand" into power. The steel market transaction conditions have improved, especially the construction steel market transactions such as rebar and wire rods are more active. The sales of traders have increased, and the prices have also climbed with the increase in sales.

On March 3, Premier Li Keqiang presided over the State Council executive meeting to deploy and improve the coordination mechanism of the "six stability" (stabilizing employment, stabilizing finance, stabilizing foreign trade, stabilizing foreign investment, stabilizing investment, stabilizing expectations) to effectively respond to the impact of the epidemic and promote the economy Society runs smoothly. A few days ago, the National Development and Reform Commission held the Ninth Railway Construction Project Preliminary Work Video and Telephone Conference and pointed out that 2020 is the final year of the "13th Five-Year Plan" and the decisive year for building a well-off society in an all-round way and realizing the first century goal. We must conscientiously unify our thoughts and actions into the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, insist on giving priority to major projects, insist on paying equal attention to both passenger and cargo, insist on doing what we can and do our best, scientifically and solidly promote the construction of Sichuan-Tibet railway, and accelerate the advancement of backbones such as high-speed rail along the river Channel construction, strengthen the construction of central and western regions and general-speed railways, strengthen the construction of supporting hubs, and promote the construction of intercity railways and urban (suburban) railways in an orderly manner.

Regarding the later development of the construction steel market, many steel traders expressed their optimism that the market is expected to stabilize, and the price will rise while stabilizing. This is because of stabilizing the economy, stabilizing investment and stabilizing "steel demand."