Talent recruitment

Recruitment post: steel pipe inspection

Number: two men and women

Years of work: more than three years

Educational requirements: secondary school

Working hours: early 8, 6

Contact: 0573-86810999

Recruitment information

Number of requirements: 3

Required gender: male

Post salary: 4000

Job requirements: can suffer loss and endurance, treat the work with enthusiasm, have the ambition, work ability is stronger, will simply operate Excel.

Recruitment information

Demand: 2

Post salary: 3000

Education: college degree or above

Job requirements: proficient in office, strong working ability, enthusiastic and motivated towards work.

Recruitment Information

Number of requirements: 2

Post salary: 5000~

Requirements: Bachelor degree or above

Job requirements: more than three years in the management positions, experienced, and can complete the company's plans as required.

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